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Enhancing Cyber Security for Protection and Control IEDs

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Generator | DG Interconnection | Transformer

Generator Protection  

Advanced Generator Ground Fault Protections
High Impedance Grounded Generators

Applying 100% Stator Ground Fault Protection by Low Frequency Injection for Generators

15 Years of Experience with 100% Generator Stator Ground Fault Protection-What works, What doesn't and why

Fundamental Reliability Considerations in the Design, Manufacturing and Application of Multifunction Digital Relays for Generator Protection

Generator Protection Using Multifunction Digital Relays

Minimizing the Impact of Blackouts

Power Plant "Horror Stories"

Protecting Large Machines for Arcing Faults

Switching Transient Analysis and Specifications for Practical Hybrid High Resistance Grounded Generator Applications

Undervoltage Load Shedding By Chuck Mozina

Upgrading Generator Protection Using Digital Technology

Upgrading Generator Protection with Digital Multifunction Relay Technology

Upgrading Hydroelectric Generator Protection Using Digital Technology

Upgrading the Protection of Industrial Sized Generators using Digital Technology

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DG Interconnection Protection  

Adhering to Utility Interconnection Standards May Not Guarantee DG Security

Apagones Sist Potencia en Co-Gen Industrial (Spanish)

Impact of Green Power Generation on Distribution Systems

Interconnect Protection of Dispersed Generators

Update on the Current Status of DG Interconnection Protection. What IEEE P-1547 Doesn't tell you about DG Interconnection Protection.

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Transformer Protection  

Digital Transformer Protection from Power Plants to Distribution Substations

Improving Transformer Protection

Testing Numerical Transformer Differential Relays

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Adaptive Control for Pole-Top Capacitor Banks

Autodaptive Volt/VAr Management System

Coordinated Adaptive Distribution Volt/VAr Controls

Economic Evaluation Model

Innovative Volt/VAr Management Provides Payback

Load Tap Changing Control

Load Tap Changing Controls as a Power System Nerve Center

Maximizing Automatic Reverse Power Operations with LTC Transformer & Regulators

Optimal Real Time Voltage Control

Replacement Considerations of Voltage Regulating Relays for Power Transformers and Voltage Regulators

Transformer Paralleling

Transformer Tapchanging Under Load

Volt/VAr Management - An Essential ‘SMART’ Function

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Motor Bus Transfer System Performance Testing and the search for a New Transfer Success Criterion

Test Results for Fast and In-Phase Transfers
Thomas R. Beckwith, CEO, Beckwith Electric
Wayne Hartmann, V.P. of Customer Excellence, Beckwith Electric

Automated Motor Bus Transfer Theory & Application  
Section 1
Section 2

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Automatic Synchronizing: Considerations and Methods  
Section 1
Section 2

Automatic Synchronizing for Generation and Tie Lines  
Section 1
Section 2

Testing Techniques for Verifying Breaker Advance Time of Automatic Synchronizing Relays

Restoration and Upgrade of a paper mill’s electrical generating system – A Case Study of Brownsville Specialty Paper Products

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