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The Beckwith Electric purchasing department is the main link between suppliers and other functions within Beckwith Electric. The link with purchasing starts with the supplier approval process and continues throughout the relationship. For both new and existing suppliers to Beckwith Electric, successful relationships are cultivated through communicating the company’s Quality Excellence requirements and expectations. Beckwith Electric is continuously improving processes to ensure quality excellence from suppliers to our valued customers by providing them with fast, accurate information regarding quality assurance processes.

One of the primary goals of Beckwith Electric is to provide the highest Quality products and service which meet the expectations of our customers at an affordable and competitive price. You, and the product or services you provide, are absolutely crucial to attainment of this goal. However, only by working together, as a team, can we perform at the level needed to achieve our goal in our marketplace.

The Quality Supplier Requirements was developed as a means to communicate the expectations we at Beckwith Electric have in our supplier data base. The topics presented in this manual describe your responsibilities under the purchase order awarded to you; responsibilities against which you and your products or services will be measured. Your success in meeting those responsibilities will assist both of us in our competition for the business we both depend on for survival.

So dig in! Review each of the topics in this manual as they relate to the purchase order you were awarded and insure that your operations meet the requirements that are applicable to you. If you have any problems or questions that could affect your ability to perform to your purchase order or this manual, please contact Beckwith Electric Procurement or Quality Assurance departments as early as possible so that we may assist you.


Quality Supplier Requirements

Environmental Policy Statement

"Conflict Minerals" Compliance Statement