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If you are a Beckwith Electric Sales Representative and a first time user, please complete the steps below to create a Rep Corner account.

  • Become a registered BECOConnect member. You will use your authorized BECOConnect account login to access the Rep Corner.

  • After your BECOConnect account is set-up, or if you already have a BECOConnect account, please go to Step Two.


Complete and submit the online form to request authorization of your BECOConnect account. Once approved, you will receive an email with confirmation that your BECOConnect account is now authorized to access the Rep Corner. All items marked with an are required.

NOTE: Before you complete and submit this form, please be sure that you completed Step One and have a registered BECOConnect Account.


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If you do not receive your authorization confirmation within one business day, or if you experience any issues with the Rep Corner, please contact