Protection & Control Seminar
Protection & Control Seminar
July 30 - August 2, 2018
Clearwater Beach, FL


Sponsor: Internet Connection in Seminar Session Rooms
Hospitality & Demo Expo:
Please join us Tuesday evening from 7-10 PM in the Harbor Ballroom at the Sandpearl Resort.

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Since 1920, Doble Engineering Company has partnered with electric power industry clients to minimize risk, improve operations and optimize system performance. Doble provides enterprise level solutions, engineering expertise, on-line and off-line diagnostic instruments, consulting and testing services, educational seminars and the world’s premier library of electrical apparatus test data for the benefit of the global power industry. Doble Engineering Company prides itself on the knowledge we offer the power industry, including forums such as client conferences and seminars, technical papers, statistically relevant data, analytical support and the expertise of our engineers and chemists.

Doble’s Protection Solutions are designed to provide you the detailed information you need while meeting compliancy requirements. Our versatile F-Series line provides you with modular systems for testing protection relays and schemes. Designed to meet your needs, these power system simulators and related accessories are capable of performing the most simple through the most complex tests; they are available in a variety of models depending on your specific testing requirements.

Doble’s Protection Suite Software is designed for protection testing, data management and compliance reporting, giving you the flexibility to create and perform unique tests. It also features a complete data management system for storage, trending, system planning analysis and reporting to regulatory agencies.

Knowledge is what helps you make the next right decision about your critical assets. And it’s what Doble uses to develop market-leading diagnostic tools and solutions that give you the information you need, when you need it. Better yet, we make sure you have that information quickly and cost effectively to ensure your power system’s safety and reliability.

Today’s solutions built on a century of innovation and expertise. That’s the Doble difference.