Protection & Control Seminar
Protection & Control Seminar
July 30 - August 2, 2018
Clearwater Beach, FL

Comments from Past Attendees

"This seminar is very comprehensive!"

"At Last! A seminar with FULL explanation of settings...Great!"

"The published papers provide an excellent reference after the conference."

"This prompted me to review the existing settings on my relays. It's good to have immediate benefit."

"The DG Interconnection Protection is organized in such a way to provide a good reference of technical issues."

"Enjoyed Motor Bus immensely!"

"One of the better industry seminars. Practical uses with industry experts presenting."

"Absolutely a great seminar! It was very informational!"

"Loved the facilities! Felt material presented was good for engineers at all levels."

"Wonderful experience, thank you!"

"Thank you! Very helpful and informational-especially for field relay engineers!"