TESLA 3000

Power System Recorder

The TESLA 3000 is a multi-timeframe power system recorder that simultaneously provides fault oscillography, dynamic swing recording and event logging. The TESLA 3000 adds the ability to network multiple recorders via Ethernet port to work in cooperative mode as a larger virtual unit. The optional Phasor Measurement Unit (PMU) provides up to 12 individual or derived PMU’s for real time measurement as per IEEE C37.118-2005 standard for Synchrophasors for Power Systems. Compliant with PRC-002-1 NERC standard for Continuous Disturbance Recording (CDR).

Simultaneous multi-functional recording and event logging

  • 36 analog/64 digital inputs (optional 18 A/32 D channel model also available).
  • Hundreds of additional user-defined derived or virtual channels are also available from those channels providing cost efficiency & flexibility.
  • Combined record storage maintains 1000 records, including fault (fast), swing (slow) or combined records in on-board memory.
  • Multiple units can be configured to work cooperatively (via Ethernet port) to work as a single unit providing up to 144 Analog/256 digital inputs in a single fault record
  • Multiple user selectable sampling rates at 32, 64, 96, 128, 256 and 384 samples/cycle - captures up to the 100th harmonic.
  • Units can be networked to provide ability to cross-trigger for wide area recording
  • User configurable Trend recording of up to 60 channels with a 90 day storage facility.
  • Monitors the substation and entire power system .
  • Fault location derived from single and calculated currents. With 5 fault locators per channel group.
  • Real-time metering of all input and calculated quantities.

Phasor Measurement Unit (PMU)

  • Up to 12 individual and/or derived synchrophasors can be transmitted as per IEEE C37.118-2005 standard for Synchrphasors for Power Systems.

Continuous Disturbance Recording (CDR) Capabilities

  • CDR data stored on internal 4GB flash memory (Other size/types disks available).
  • CDR allows the use of the TESLA as a mini Phasor Data Concentrator (PDC).
  • User definable range of data can be retrieved any time from the recorder.
  • Compliant with NERC CDR Standards storing all the data on the TESLA itself. No separate memory storage is required.

Powerful and intuitive setting and analysis Windows based software (Control Panel)

  • Comprehensive Windows® based software for both local and remote setting, monitoring and analysis
  • Creates over 1100 recording triggers to analyze every possible type of power system disturbance
  • User-programmable control logic statements with ProLogic to create user definable triggers
  • Independent triggering and priority record setting
  • User-configurable report templates
  • Over 120 calculated channels per recorder

Designed to save time and cost with user friendly software and architecture

  • Ease of use and learning allows users to access more information for monitoring.
  • All settings, calibration and adjustments done outside the box after initial installation.
  • Distributed analog ac or dc input isolation modules are external and DIN-rail mountable
  • Input isolation modules may be mounted up to 4000 feet (1219 meters) away, they eliminate costly CT and PT wiring runs.
  • Available Split core and Clamp-on CT’s allow for a non-intrusive installation
  • The smallest footprint among recorders allows easy retrofit option and installation into panels.

Advanced Communications

  • Data compression for faster file transfer, COMTRADE import/export
  • SCADA support with direct-connect DNP3 and Modbus protocols allow using TESLA as a RTU metering system eliminating transducers.
  • IRIG-B clock synchronization (modulated and unmodulated)
  • 10/100 BaseT Standard/Standard “Fast Ethernet”, optional high speed modem

Substation automation ready.

The TESLA Disturbance Recorder provides the following features:

  • Independent triggering for fault or dynamic swing recording with priority record functionality.
  • Trigger on rates & levels for quantities measured, summation, sequence components, watts, vars, frequency, impedance, harmonic & THD channels.
  • ProLogic - control logic statements.
  • Three communication RS-232 ports. Internal modem optional.
  • Direct-connect DNP3 & Modbus SCADA communication protocols (Ethernet ready).
  • IRIG-B time stamping & sample synchronization.


AC Current Input Module

The ac input current module provides isolation and scaling for four (4) independent ac current channels. Nominal current is 5 Arms with a 40x over-range capability for 1 second. The module has input and output terminal pairs for I1 through I4. This module is designed to work in conjunction with the TESLA recorder.

AC Voltage Input Module

The ac voltage input module provides isolation and scaling for three (3) ac voltage channels. Nominal voltage is 69 Vrms with a 2x over range capacity. This module provides three inputs, VA-N, VB-N and VC-N. The voltage input module has two output terminals for each of the three phases. This module is designed to work in conjunction with the TESLA recorder.

DC Input Module

The dc input module provides dc-coupled isolation and scaling for four (4) independent dc or ac voltage or current channels. These channels have a dc to 2 kHz bandwidth but are limited to 1.5 kHz by antialiasing filters inside the recorder. Externally mounted resistors set the input type and full scale range. This module is designed to work in conjunction with the TESLA recorder as an option.

Clamp-On CT Module

The clamp-on current transformer is an indoor device for measuring current in 5 A secondary CT circuits. The clamp-on has a 20 mm (0.78") jaw opening and accommodates conductors up to 250 MCM. Signals are output via two standard safety banana jacks. This probe is open circuit proof and is designed to work in conjunction with the TESLA recorder as an option.

Split Core CT Module

The split core current transformer is an indoor device for measuring current in a 5 A or 1 A secondary CT circuit. The device’s removable leg contains a polished and lapped spring-loaded core that mates with the precision core in the main housing. CT phase displacement is within 30 minutes or 0.5 degrees. This CT is designed to work in conjunction with the TESLA recorder as an option.


Input Isolation Modules eliminate costly CT and PT wiring runs.



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