M-6283A Three Phase Digital Capacitor Bank Control

Three Phase Sensing Digital Capacitor Bank Control for Remote Capacitor Automation, Monitoring and Protection


  • Universal control offering automatic Voltage, VAr, Current, Time (seasonality) or Temperature operation with programmable voltage override

  • Full three phase voltage and current sensing

  • Compatible with traditional VT's, Line Post Sensors and multi‑core LPS

  • Three phase (Ganged) capacitor switch operation with optional Independent Phase switching

  • 8 Setting profiles with programmable automatic or SCADA controlled profile switching

  • Patent pending neutral current detection algorithm


  • Front panel USB port for local programming and data transfer

  • Smart Flash SD Card Slot for Quick Uploading of Configurations, Settings, Firmware Upgrades, and Supports Control Cloning

  • Flexible Communication Options for Wired or Wireless Networks with two independent serial ports (232, 485, Fiber or Bluetooth)

  • Optional full 10/100 Mbps auto-sensing, auto-negotiable true Ethernet (copper or fiber) port with multi-user and multi-protocol support

  • Protocols supported include MODBUS, DNP3.0

  • Full DNP implementation with support for read/write of digital and analog values, file transfer, multicasting, unsolicited response, monitoring and remote control

  • Compatible with most popular Volt-Var Optimization (VVO) and Conservation Voltage Reduction (CVR) implementations


  • Advanced metering with integrated Power Quality monitoring including voltage and current harmonics up to the 31st, THD, detection of sags, swells and sub‑synchronous transients

  • Advanced Data Logging and Load Profile Recorder – Data stored in non-volatile memory requiring no battery backup

  • 129 Event Sequence of Events (SoE) Recorder

  • Oscillographic records with adjustable sampling rate up to 64 s/c

  • Three phase overcurrent detection for through fault monitoring


  • Uncomplicated Windows based application software for easy local or remote programming, monitoring, operation or downloading of recorded information


  • Optional M-2980A Control Cabinet offers a wide range of Pole top mounting options and accessories for communication hardware

Standard Features

  • Three-phase sensing voltage (std) and current (optional)
  • Operation based on per phase or average of the three phases
  • Three phase (Ganged) capacitor switch operation with optional Independent Phase switching
  • Three control modes of operation:
    • Classic Automatic (Voltage, optional VAr Control or optional Current Control)
    • Remote
    • Manual
  • Two override modes of operation:
    • Temperature
    • Time
  • Time Delay – Definite and Inverse
  • Adjustable Maximum/Minimum Voltage Limits
  • Neutral Unbalance current detection
    • Bank/Switch Failed
    • Bank Closed
    • Bank Open
    • Supports 200 mA input to control
  • Setpoint Profiles (8) Triggerable by SCADA, Seasonal (4), Above/Below Temperature, and Reverse Power
  • User selectable Overvoltage limit/ Undervoltage limit and time delay for remote control supervision
  • Adjustable warning timers for Close/Open/Re-close
  • Adjustable Close/Open output pulse duration
  • Real-Time Metering of measured and calculated parameters
  • VT Ratio Correction, VT and CT (Phase and Neutral) Multiplier
  • Operations Counter for each phase (Configurable)
  • Resettable Operations Counter with Alarm
  • Harmonic Analysis of Voltage and Current Signals, up to the 31st plus THD
  • THD Voltage and Current Tripping and Lockout
  • Data Logging
  • Remote/Auto – Local/Manual switch
  • Outputs: Close, Open and Alarm
  • Minimum Time Between Operations Delay
  • 20 Character by 2 Row LCD display (LED backlit)
  • Up to 30 unique 15 character User Access Codes (Level 1 or Level 2)
  • CBEMA monitoring to detect sags and swells within a range of 90 Vac to 180 Vac, and trigger data collection
  • Smart Flash SD Card Slot supporting SD and SDHC SD cards
  • Smart Flash SD Card can be linked to one or multiple controls providing a physical security "Key" which provides User Access Level 2 Access to the control when the SD Card is inserted for settings manipulation
  • Sequence of Events (SOE) recorder
  • Device Discovery
  • Source Address Validation
  • Oscillography
  • Front Panel LEDs for Remote/Auto, Local/Manual, Alarm, Close, Open, OK, RSSI, Neutral Unbalance, (TX) Transmit and (RX) Receive
  • Programmable Alarms
  • Front Panel Hot Buttons provide direct access to menu headers
  • Front Panel testing:
    • Int/Ext Voltage Source switch
    • External Power input terminals
    • Meter Out terminals
  • Communication Protocols DNP3.0 and MODBUS®
  • Time sync via DNP3.0 Set Time Command
  • DNP mapping templates to match SCADA historical databases
  • FULL DNP implementation – Including DNP File Transfer, multi-addressing, unsolicited response, source address validation
  • DNP+Ethernet – Send/receive DNP configuration files using DNP File Transfer Protocol
  • Adaptive Delta Voltage sensing during switch operations
  • Daily Operations Counter Limit with Alarm
  • CapTalk® S‑6283 Communications Software
  • Capacitor Bank switch status inputs for phase A, B and C
  • Graphical display of real-time harmonic spectrum of voltage and current using CapTalk Communications Software
  • Communication Ports:
    • USB
    • RS-232
  • SCADA "HeartBeat" (with DNP3.0 only)
  • Supports Station and Feeder Level DNP addressing in addition to individual addressing for Smart Grid applications
  • One pushbutton access to user configurable Wakeup screen for manual data recording with Smart Flash SD Card saving feature
  • One set (3) of spare fuses are included
  • Capacitor Bank Switch selection "Solenoid Driven" or "Motor Driven" for Close/Open Pulse Duration
  • 200 mA Neutral Current input for Neutral Unbalance detection
  • SCADA Test Mode

Optional Control Features

  • Independent Phase Switching
  • Automatic VAr Control Mode options include:
    • 5 A phase current input
    • 0 to 10 V Line Post Sensor input (Impedance ≈ 200 KΩ)
  • Local Wireless Bluetooth® capability Class 1 Type Bluetooth USB Adapter that supports wireless transmission up to 300 meters (with an appropriate antenna)
  • Ethernet Port (10/100 Base-T) is available through a RJ‑45 jack or Fiber Optic ST Connector. This port supports DNP over TCP/IP and UDP; MODBUS over TCP/IP; and SNTP.
  • 5 A Neutral Current input for Neutral Unbalance detection
  • Line Post Current Sensor input for Neutral Unbalance detection (Impedance ≈ 200 KΩ)
  • Communications Ports:
    • ST Fiber Optic
    • V-pin Fiber Optic
    • RS-485
  • External Temperature Sensor
  • The M‑6283A can be housed in a NEMA 4 Molded Lexan®, Cold Rolled Steel or Stainless Steel Control cabinet. (See M-2980A section of specification for
    detailed information).

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