M-6280A Digital Capacitor Bank Control
Digital Capacitor Bank Control for Remote Capacitor Automation, Monitoring and Protection

  • Maximum Communication Options For Wired or Wireless Networks

  • RS-232, RS 485, & Serial Fiber Optic (ST or V-Pin)

  • Ethernet Over Copper RJ-45 @ 10/100 Base-T

  • Ethernet Over Fiber Optic (ST or V-Pin) 100 Base-FX

  • Embedded Bluetooth, Class 1 (v2.0), 1Mbps, 128 bit encryption, up to 1/2 mile transmission

  • Supports DNP 3.0, MODBUS, & IEC 61850 Protocols

  • Time sync via DNP 3.0 Set Time Command

  • DNP mapping templates to match SCADA historical databases

  • Sequence of Events (SOE) Recording Of Events - Stores 132 events, ms time-stamped with Graphic Logic Initiate from critical operational factors

  • FULL DNP implementation – Including DNP File Transfer, multi-addressing, unsolicited response, source address validation

  • TRUE Ethernet – Full 10/100Mbps auto negotiable concurrent multi-session and multi protocol support

  • DNP+Ethernet – Send/receive DNP configuration files using DNP File Transfer Protocol

  • DNP+Ethernet – Device Discovery using CapTalk

  • DNP SCADA Heartbeat – Integrity check of communications media and/or Master. Fully programmable

  • Quick (10 -15 second) Uploading of Configurations, Settings, Firmware Upgrades

  • Assists in locating harmonics adversely affecting customer processes

  • Helps mitigation measures to determine corrective filter design and location

  • Control Cabinet – Direct Pole-Mount with Meter Socket Plug. Mount the control away from the meter socket and away from power lines and other equipment

  • Oscillography Capture – Selectable 16, 32, or 64 samples per cycle. Captures sags, swells, CBEMA events and sub-synchronous transients

  • Cyber Security – Authentication and Multi Level Access Codes, Smart Flash SD Card serves as Cyber Security Hard-Key with Audit Log

  • Data Logging Continuous Recording – Data stored in non-volatile memory requiring no battery backup

  • CBEMA Excursion Recording and Reporting

  • Harmonics Detection, Recording, Protection and Suppression

  • Downloading of Event Reports, Oscillography

  • No need for battery to back up clock

  • Smart Flash SD Card Slot

  • Supports Control Cloning

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