M-6200A Digital Voltage Regulator Control


The M-6200A Digital Voltage Regulator Control is a microprocessor-based step-voltage regulator load tapchanger control.

The control is designed for initial OEM installation on new regulators or to replace a particular manufacturer’s regulator control. The panel is designed to mechanically and electrically replace an old control, with mounting hardware to facilitate the replacement.

Interrogation of the control and setting changes are made via the user interface, or through the communications ports. User interface consists of a 20-character by 2-line backlit LCD display and six pushbuttons. Two passwords available to the user are accessed by the pushbuttons and a third is accessed through the communications ports. All setpoints are stored in nonvolatile memory which is unaffected by control voltage disturbances.
Two operation counters are provided. One counter may be reset; the other may be preset by a user with appropriate security passwords.
Eleven LEDs are used to indicate Tapchanger RAISE and LOWER command status, REV PWR, Reverse Power detection, CPU OK, ALARM, V/RED Voltage Reduction in Effect, MANUAL, LOCAL and TX/RX and Neutral Position indicator.
The alphanumeric display and six pushbutton interface provides complete front panel access to the scrolling menu program. The control applies to regulators with ±16 taps.


Features and Benefits

  • Maximum Communication Options For Wired or Wireless Networks
  • Standard RS-232 or RS-485
  • Optional ST or V-Pin Serial Fiber Optic Port
  • Embedded Bluetooth®, Class 1 (v2.0), 1Mbps, 128 bit encryption, up to 1/2 mile transmission
  • Supports DNP3.0, MODBUS® and Cooper 2179 Protocols
  • DNP mapping templates to match SCADA historical databases
  • Time sync via DNP3.0 Set Time Command
  • Sequence of Events (SOE) Recording Of Events – Stores 129 events, mSec time-stamped with Graphic Logic Initiate from critical operational factors
  • FULL DNP implementation – Including DNP File Transfer, multi-addressing, unsolicited response, source address validation
  • TRUE Ethernet – Full 10/100Mbps auto-negotiable concurrent multi-session and multi-protocol support
  • DNP+Ethernet – Send/receive DNP configuration files using DNP File Transfer Protocol
  • DNP+Ethernet – Device Discovery using TapTalk®
  • SCADA HeartBeat – Integrity check of communications media and/or Master. Fully programmable
  • Manual HeartBeat Timer
  • Quick (10 -15 second) Uploading of Configurations, Settings, Firmware Upgrades
  • Assists in locating harmonics adversely affecting customer processes
  • Helps mitigation measures to determine corrective filter design and location
  • CBEMA Event Recording and Reporting
  • Oscillography Capture – Selectable 16, 32, or 64 samples per cycle. Captures sags, swells, CBEMA events and sub-synchronous transients
  • Cyber Security – Comprehensive cyber security tools to implement NERC CIP requirements, including IPsec and Radius server security
  • Data Logging Continuous Recording – Data stored in non-volatile memory requiring no battery backup
  • Harmonics Detection, Recording, Protection and Suppression
  • Downloading of Event Reports, Oscillography
  • No need for battery to back up clock
  • Smart Flash SD Card Slot
  • Supports Control Cloning


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