M-5072 Retrofit Kit For M-4272 Digital Motor Bus Transfer System

  • Adapts M-4272 Digital Motor Bus Transfer System as a replacement for existing analog motor bus transfer equipment

  • Provides direct mechanical and electrical replacement of existing analog transfer logic controller M-0272/M-0236B

  • Connects easily to the M-4272's terminals without any wiring change

  • The physical change is simple and cost effective

  • Enhances the security, reliability and performance of your facility with additional features in the digital motor bus transfer equipment

  • Optional M-3919 Graphic Display Unit (GDU) and Touch Screen Human Machine Interface (HMI) for communicating with one or two M-4272 units

M-5072 Retrofit Kit Features

The M-4272 Digital Motor Bus Transfer System and a M-5072 retrofit kit provide the direct replacement of the M-0272/M-0236B Analog Transfer Logic Controller. The physical change is very simple and cost effective.

The M-5072 retrofit kit consists of a bracket and wiring harness that replicates the existing M-0272 terminal block locations. The M 5072 terminal blocks are located in the same positions as the M-0272 and it is attached to the M-4272. The wire harness connects the appropriate terminals between the M-4272 and the M-0272. This will allow a very simple replacement of the existing M 0272 equipment.

Since the existing analog M-0272/M-0236B takes 7u height while the M-4272 takes only 4u height. One rack mount black blank panel with 1u height and one rack mount black blank panel with 2u height are provided to fill up the empty spaces after the replacement.

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