IPScom Communications Software (Windows)
  Version: V02.08.00A
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  Version: V01.00.09
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Please review the README file before downloading.
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To download the software, click the button above to open a compressed (zipped) folder that can be opened or saved. In the File Download dialog box, click Save to store the zipped folder to a location on your computer. After the download is complete, open the zipped folder and select Extract. Make sure the All files/folders in current folder is selected. Select a destination folder on your computer that will contain these extracted files. Inside this folder, double-click the executable (.exe) file to begin installing the software. The unzipped folder may contain supporting files that are automatically installed during set-up.


  • Q: What is the difference between IPScom M-3800, M-3820A, M-3822, and M-2820D
  • A: IPScom M-3800 works with the M-3420 and M-3430 generator protection relays. IPScom M-3820 works with the M-3310 transformer protection relay and M-3425 generator protection relay. IPScom M-3822 works with the M-3520 intertie protection relay. M-3820D works with the M-3425A relay.

  • Q: I'm having trouble running my IPScom software on a Windows-NT system?
  • A: Some of our software contains 16bit code which Win-NT does not support. You can correct this by placing a /nt switch after the target in the shortcut properties. Ie., the target would read: C:\becoware\ipscom22.exe /nt

  • Q: How do I set communications parameters if I have an M-3420 or M-3430 without the human-machine-interface (HMI)?
  • A: Installed along with IPScom is a utility program called IPSutil.exe. IPSutil is used to set communication and other system parameters on units shipped without an HMI. This program can be run from the install directory (default c:\becoware) and may be used on units with and without HMIs.

  • Q: When I print information from IPScom it is very small on the page. How do I fix this?
  • A: Printouts may be appear compressed on high resolution printers. Decrease the DPI setting to approximately 300 DPI in the printer properties to obtain desired results.

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