M-2001D Digital Tapchanger Control for Transformers and Regulators


  • LTC transformer, substation regulator, and line regulator control provides reliable operation with expanded capabilities

  • Adapter panels to retrofit popular industry tapchanger controls

  • USB 1.1 Communications Port for quick updating and programming in the field

  • Smart Reverse Power detection/operation with VT configuration for source and load sides

  • Demand metering/Data Logging with Date/Time Stamp (Single/Three-Phase)

  • Harmonic Analysis

  • LDC with R & X or Z-compensation

  • SCAMP (SCADA Controllable Auto/Manual Pushbutton) Adapter Panel Auto/Manual Switch State can be changed by a SCADA command

  • Sequence of Events Recording

  • SCADA HeartBeat

  • Smart Flash SD Card

  • Source PT Voltage Input

  • CBEMA Monitoring

  • VAr Bias for downstream coordination with capacitor controls

  • Tap position knowledge by four KeepTrack™ methods

  • Transformer paralleling by circulating current, Master/Follower (peer to peer) circuitry, or ΔVAR® methods

  • LCD display (rated –20 to +70 degrees Celsius) or Vacuum Fluorescent display optionally available (rated –40 to +80 degrees Celsius)

  • Optional Control Power Backup Input for Fiber Optic communication loop-through

  • DNP3.0, MODBUS® and IEC 61850 Communications Protocols available

  • Optional Ethernet RJ45 or Fiber Optic Ethernet


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