Syncrocloser® Check Relay


Secure reclosing of a circuit breaker

The M-0390 Syncrocloser® Check Plus Relay is used as a permissive relay for secure reclosing of a circuit breaker by verifying that voltage and phase angle conditions are within pre-set limits before allowing the breaker to close. The M-0390 uses phase angle/slip frequency to verify synchronism to provide rapid restoration with the smallest possible angle settings. It is a panel-mounted, direct upgrade for G.E. IJS and SLJ, and Westinghouse CVE relays.

  • Panel mounted G.E. IJS and SLJ or Westinghouse CVE replacement.

  • Accurate, independent phase, time, voltage and delta F functions

  • Transducer and status outputs are standard features

  • Modular construction allows cards to be removed while unit is installed

  • Dead line/dead bus close capability is standard

  • Does not require a separate power source

  • Complete test and checkout from front panel

  • 20A output relay contacts open 0.9A inductive as 125V dc

  • Temperature range of -40° to +80° C


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