Syncrocloser® Check Relay


The M-0359 Syncrocloser® Check Plus Relay is used as a permissive relay for secure reclosing of a circuit breaker by verifying that voltage and phase angle conditions are within pre-set limits before allowing the breaker to close. The M-0359 uses phase angle/slip frequency to verify synchronism to provide rapid restoration with the smallest possible angle settings without a time delay. Analog outputs of phase angle, bus voltage, line voltage, DV and DF are provided for SCADA system interface.

  • Enhances system stability when applied to transmission and primary distribution reclosing schemes.

  • Detects a static phase angle across an open breaker in 0.5 sec. to assure a fast permissive for reclosure.

  • Simultaneously measures voltage magnitudes to ensure that they are within upper, lower, and difference limits.

  • Includes dead line/dead bus closing features.

  • Remote command widens the phase angle setpoint to respond to system emergencies or to narrow the setpoint of the two systems are isolated to close the breaker very close to 0°.

  • Transducer analog outputs are SCADA compatible.


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