Surface Mounting Kits

Use with the M-2001 on any flat surface at least 5.8" wide x 10.0" high
Use with the M-2270 Adapter Panel
Connection Harness

The Beckwith Electric surface mounting kits, used in conjunction with the M-2001 Series Digital Tapchanger Control, use modern electronic digital design and digital processing circuitry to achieve an overall stability and resolution unattainable with electromechanical and analog design tapchanger controls. CMOS semiconductors are used throughout the design.

Beckwith Electric's surface mounting kits are for applications which do not require features provided through the use of adapter panels.

Connects easily to the M-2001 Series Digital Tapchanger Control using two right angle mounting brackets, four screws and a 24-pin connector with a six-foot pigtail on each pin.

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