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Beckwith's Tapchanger Control line uses an innovative concept in new transformer or regulator applications or control replacements by using a universal tapchanger control - the M-2001 - with interchangeable adapter panels. The replacement panels are sized to correspond to the original manufacturer's controls, use the same mountings, and include wire harnesses that match the existing connections - all for easy replacements.

The M-2001's easy installation, its comprehensive communication capabilities and its variety of features that meet all types of applications have made this control very popular in the industry.

Application-specific features include:

  • Continuous data recording of up to 13 specified quantities
  • 10 onboard communication protocols
  • 2 RS-232 ports, an RS-485 port, fiber optic port, and an optional Ethernet port
  • A second method of Line Drop Compensation especially for distribution substations
  • Inverse time curve option
  • kWhr and kVArhr metering
  • Exclusive ΔVAR paralleling method

All of the features and options available with the analog controls are standard with the digital controls, as well as many other benefits such as a remote communications capability. The M-2001 Digital Tapchanger Control uses menu-driven software that prompts the operator with an easy-to-understand display. Remote communications capability is also available using the M-2029A TapTalk® Communications Software to monitor and program all functions via modem or direct serial connection.

Beckwith Electric offers interchangeable adapter panels, when combined with the M-2001 Series Digital Tapchanger Control, can be customized to fit as a replacement for a variety of manufacturers' LTC transformers and regulator controls.

  • Connects easily to the M-2001 Series Digital Tapchanger Control using mounting screws and 24-pin connector
  • Provides mounting adaptable to several different configurations
  • Provides built-in CT shorting protection when the M-2001 Series Digital Tapchanger Control is removed