PCIC - IEEE IAS Petroleum and Chemical Industry Committee Conference
Duke Energy Conference Center (DECC)
Cincinnati, Ohio

The annual IEEE-PCIC Conference is an exchange of technical ideas – not a trade show – that brings together professionals with a common focus on electrical installations and safety. The PCIC Executive and Local Committees take great pride in providing a high quality conference while keeping registration and participation costs reasonable. PCIC is the best educational value for anyone working in the petrochemical electrical field.

Join Beckwith Electric at the PCIC Conference. Learn more about our protection, automation, and control solutions for oil, gas, and petrochemical power systems.

Visit our hospitality suite at Hyatt Regency Suite 1206 - 12th Floor.

Hyatt Regency Cincinnati
151 W 5th Street Cincinnati, OH 45202

Tuesday September 25, 2018 5-10 PM

Wednesday September 26, 2018 5-10 PM


Beckwith subject matter experts will be presenting the following conference papers.

  • Monday, September 24, 2018
  • 2:00-3:00 PM
  • Refining Technical Session I
  • Duke Energy Convention Center (DECC)
  • Second Floor (Meeting Room Level)
  • Room 203/204

Motor Bus Transfer is the process of rapidly transferring sources to a motor bus for planned source switching and unplanned source failure. The rapid transfer allows the process to continue without interruption. To avoid damage to the motors, specialized equipment and methods are employed to cope with the dynamics of motor deceleration, and voltage and phase angle change between the new source and the motor bus. Improper reconnection of the motor bus can cause cumulative or immediate damage to the motors, and result in a process crash.

  • Explore how fast or in-phase transfers at or near zero degrees phase angle difference result in the lowest and safest motor torques.
  • Learn about the Beckwith Electric Motor Bus Transfer System that performs fast and in-phase transfers with the greatest accuracy and lowest motor torques in the Industry.


Thomas Beckwith
IEEE Life Member
Beckwith Electric CEO

Dr. Murty Yalla
IEEE Fellow
Beckwith Electric President