The following represent brief/broad descriptions. It is not intended, nor should it be construed, to represent a comprehensive and/or exhaustive description of all duties/responsibilities and requisite skills associated with the position.


Electronic Final Assembler


Performs a variety of tasks involved in the assembly of electronic components, subassemblies, products, or systems. Has knowledge of Electronic Manufacturing, good soldering skills and point-to-point wiring. Should have box building experience. Works fairly independently or under minimal supervision of the Group Leader. Perform duties in accordance with Manufacturing Department/ISO 9001 written procedures.

ESSENTIAL DUTIES & RESPONSIBILITIES include the following. Other duties may be assigned.

  • Performs a variety of tasks involved in the assembly of electronic components, subassemblies, products, or systems by performing the following duties as required.
  • Reads work orders, follow production drawings and sample assemblies, or receives verbal instructions regarding duties to be performed.
  • Positions and aligns parts in specified relationship to each other.
  • Crimps, solders, or performs similar mechanical operations to join or secure parts in place per IPC 610C Class II, J-Standard –001C.
  • Mounts assembled components, such as transformers, resistors, transistors, capacitors, integrated circuits, and sockets, on chassis' or panels.
  • Connects component lead wires to printed circuit board or routes and connects wires between individual component leads and other components, connectors, terminals, and contact points.
  • Performs intermediate assembly tasks, such as conformal coating parts and assemblies.
  • Adjusts or trims materials from components to achieve specified electrical or dimensional characteristics.
  • Performs on-line inspection to ensure parts and assemblies meet production specifications and standards. Identify workmanship defects.
  • Maintain a clean and orderly work area.
  • Work overtime as needed.
  • Comply with all work rules, including but not limited to, the Company's safety and attendance policies.


  • May assist with material handling function.
  • May assist with Final Assembly, Test, and Production Control functions as needed.
  • Installs finished assemblies or subassemblies in cases and cabinets.
  • Assembles and attaches hardware, such as caps, clamps, knobs, and switches, to assemblies.
  • Tends machines that press or shape component parts.
  • May set up and prepare workstations.

Our Compensation Package includes a Competitive Salary, Paid Vacation and Holidays, 401(k) Plan, Health, Dental, Vision, and Life Insurance, Short and Long Term Disability, and Educational Assistance.