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Cybersecurity is a top priority for Beckwith Electric. BECOConnect not only protects critical infrastructure and complies with NERC Critical Infrastructure Protection, but also delivers relevant information to you including documentation and software easily through our website. Some of this information is password-restricted in order to ensure access to legitimate users of our information.

A BECOConnect Account will also give you access to other personalized tools including product registration and ways to connect with us to receive relevant information that is important to you.

Become a registered BECOConnect member and stay up-to-date on Beckwith Electric news, products, and services.

Benefits of a BECOConnect Account:

  • You get exclusive access to tools and downloads.

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  • You get automatic updates on products you select as relevant to you. Knowing the Beckwith Electric products that you've purchased allows us to share helpful tips, tools, software and firmware updates, and more.

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