Advanced Distribution Grid Solutions

Beckwith Electric is the leading provider of innovative solutions for Smart Grid Volt/VAr Optimization (VVO) and Conservation Voltage Reduction (CVR).

The capacitor controls and regulator/LTC controls designed by Beckwith Electric incorporate advanced features to enable maximum benefits to be derived from an Integrated Volt/Var Management (IVVM) system. From Smart Voltage Reduction to Smart Reverse Power, these controls enable successful implementations and can be applied as standalone controls with no communications, or as a critical part of an overall centralized IVVM system with extensive communications, either serial or Ethernet.

At Beckwith Electric, we believe that the essential Smart Grid application with the quickest payback for our customers is voltage reduction. By coordinating capacitor bank controls with regulator and LTC controls, a flatter voltage profile can be obtained across the entire distribution circuit. This enables greater levels of voltage and load reduction, either continuously or on command.

On command voltage reduction reduces system peaks and the amount of reserve capacity required. This can delay the necessity for additional generating units. During emergency conditions, the utility can reduce load temporarily while procuring additional generation. Another benefit is the ability to use voltage reduction in lieu of starting up additional generating units when short-term demand overtakes online generation capacity.

Long-term voltage reductions, performed regionally, can help extend the life of transformers and other equipment that would otherwise be forced to operate at full load capacity. This postpones the need for capital expenditures to upgrade transformers, distribution and transmission circuits, and construction of new substations and generating facilities.

Beckwith Electric’s DNA

Beckwith Electric’s DNA produces field-proven smart grid strategies that provide huge energy savings and Increased power delivery capacity by incorporating the latest technologies in microprocessor architecture and communications.

  • Features include real time power quality monitoring capable of detecting damaging harmonics, sags, swells, faults, and sub-synchronous transients with massive nonvolatile memory for data recording including adherence to CBEMA voltage waveform criteria.

  • Communications options include 128-bit encrypted Bluetooth for laptop connection in the field from the comfort of a fleet cab, and true Ethernet capability allowing multiple concurrent sessions using DNP, Modbus, and IEC 61850 for remote access.

  • Beckwith Electric has developed SCADA heartbeat integrity checks and automatic change over algorithms on loss of communications to enhance system reliability.

  • Beckwith Electric utilizes advances in cutting-edge communications technology
    providing maximum flexibility in the use of ports, protocols and media and the use of Ethernet over fiber optics, IEC 61850, mesh networks, unsolicited reporting, broadcasting capabilities for voltage collapse mitigation, and much more.

Our portfolio of advanced distribution protection, automation, and control solutions includes:

Learn more about Beckwith Electric's revolutionary VVO/IVVC method using distribution automation controllers.


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